Created by a Excavation Owner and Rancher

About Us

At Heavy Iron Leads, our foundations are deeply rooted in the agricultural and excavation industries. Our founder, Tim, grew up surrounded by heavy machinery on farms, and he witnessed first hand the challenges faced by those in excavation and construction. Inspired by his upbringing, Tim envisioned a company that would bridge the gap between traditional hard work and modern digital solutions.

Alongside Tim, Victoria and Colton brought their expertise in marketing and advertising. They started by developing dynamic websites and crafting effective advertising strategies for local businesses, including those in the excavation sector. Recognizing the specific needs of these businesses to stand out in a competitive market, they tailored their services to enhance visibility and drive growth.

Today, Heavy Iron Leads is a robust web design and lead generation company, specializing in supporting businesses in the agricultural and excavation industries. We provide affordable, high-quality services designed to ensure that every company, whether a startup or a seasoned player, starts off on the right foot with a strong online presence.

Our team is a blend of rural work ethic and modern technological acumen, dedicated to delivering results that help your business excel in today's digital landscape.


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